The Elves are Coming to Town

Gaming companies like RTG always want to make Christmas a lot more fun and exciting for slots enthusiasts. One great example is the hysterical Santa versus Rudolph series that players really love. Players have longed for the season to come just to play their favorite Rudolph’s Revenge Slot, Santa Strikes Back and the Return of Rudolph. Unfortunately, those who are affiliated with GA this will serve as a new temptation that they will want to pass on. However, they are also a great source of help if you find that you are in need this holiday season.

To make this year’s Christmas season a lot better than ever, RTG launches a season-themed slots game: New Elf Wars. What is great about Realtime Gaming is that the game will kick off just before Christmas. This simply means players will have a lot of time to play and win!

Here’s what the new Elf Wars Slots game offers: the story is inspired by the rebellious Rudolph the Reindeer who is fed up with Santa’s trip across the skies. There are two teams for elves. One group supports the ranting and raving Rudolph and the other group is backing up Santa. This time, Santa has got a new attitude. He is one tough guy with strong and bulging biceps.

Elf Wars is a feature rich 50 pay line slot that includes Santa Strikes back with seven free games. It also offers Rudolph’s Revenge with all winnings doubled and seven free games. Also, be sure to watch over the reels for Rudolph’s symbols. Players can definitely enjoy the payouts when they trigger Rudolph’s Rampage.

Players will surely be amazed with the instant prizes if they are lucky.  They all have the chance to win huge cash pay outs and they will be impressed with the games’ superb graphics. There is really no reason that Elf Wars can’t be a big hit among slots enthusiasts. Christmas gaming will be never be this good, and it is all thanks to RTG.

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