Vegas Slots

As the most popular casino game, perhaps nothing is associated with Las Vegas, Nevada more than slot machines. When you think of Vegas, you think of bright neon lights, lavish partying, and hitting the slots at your casino resort.

In 1941, the first casino was built on the section of Las Vegas’s Highway 91 that would later be called the Las Vegas Strip. There are currently 29 casinos located on the Vegas Strip as well as a number of off-Strip casinos. In each of those casinos are rows upon rows of slot machines with their flashing lights and loud noises signifying winning spins. Slot revenue accounts for approximately 70% of the money made by Las Vegas casinos.

All Vegas slots are inspected and regulated by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The regulatory agency tests the slots to make sure they are paying out often enough and are not experiencing software problems. Each slot has a computer program called a random number generator (RNG). That program generates hundreds of numbers every second. Each number corresponds with a specific symbol on a specific reel. The outcome of the spinning reels is determined by what numbers are generated at the time that the player pushes the button to spin.

In the old days, Vegas slots spit out lots of coins when you had winning spins, meaning you had to get out your bucket and scoop them all up off the floor. While that was exciting, it was distracting and could lead to lost coins and theft. Today most casinos instead use a system where your wins are tracked on a player card and you can receive the money you won by taking the card to the cashier.

Slots will probably always be the most iconic and popular game at Las Vegas casinos. The appeal is the simplicity and randomness of the games. Anyone can come in, take some spins, and have a chance to win big money, even if they have never gambled before in their life.

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